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Fakalofa Lahi Atu

About Us

Moui Produce is an e-commerce, export, import and Taro processing service that helps farmers in Niue, as well as consumers in New Zealand and Australia to supply and order Taro.

By directly linking Niue farmers to consumers, we are bringing quality to the table for consumers, and increasing the profitability of fair prices for both the producers and Moui Produce.

"We chose to name our brand “Moui Produce” because it expresses the cheerfulness and way of life for those who grow, eat, cook and share amazing taro in Niue."


To promote and share Niue' s unique quality TARO with the world.


To drive the growth and development of Moui Produce to create more SKUs and work together to support local farmers in Niue.


About Our TARO

Why Our TARO?





Niuean Taro is grown on dry land in which the soil is rich in minerals.

The minerals contribute to the quality of the taro and are said by some to be superior because of its superb texture and its unique flavor. It is also said to be the best and tastiest in the Pacific. 





Niuean Taro has a unique flavor and texture that differs from other pacific and 

south-east Asian grown taro. This is because taro grows best in very warm temperatures and requires constant moisture for the taro to thrive.


Therefore, Niue has the perfect environmental conditions for Taro to grow and flourish, as it experiences both high temperatures and plenty of rain.


The average time period for Taro to fully grow can take generally 9-12 months. However, Taro grown in Niue is ready to be harvested sooner as it takes roughly 8-9 months for the Taro to fully develop.


Additionally, the entire process involved in achieving top-quality Taro includes hard laboring manpower and capability. Niue Taro is also hand-picked, processed and carefully graded without the assistance of machinery and that is why we emphasize why its the best quality.


Only Quality!

Supporting Local Farmers

Due to Taro farming being a fundamental life lesson taught to young people in Niue, many of our farmers have grown up around Taro farming, and have a good understanding of Taro cultivation and its components.


Growing Taro is a very laboring and difficult process that the farmers undertake and consistently tend to, with persistence and commitment. Unlike other farming methods, machinery and synthetic chemicals that are used to modify the growth and quality of produce, are not applied by the local farmers in Niue.


Alternatively, farmers maneuver strength and endurance to successfully grow Taro: from individually planting each and every Taro, to pulling and harvesting fields of taro by hand. This is well known to be the traditional way to farm Taro in Niue, and is still enacted today, due to the unavailability of newly improved and more efficient resources.