Why Niuean Taro?

  • Niuean Taro has a unique flavor and texture that differs from other pacific and south-east Asian grown taro

  • Niue has the perfect environmental conditions for Taro to grow and flourish, as it experiences both high temperatures and plenty of rain.

  • Taro grown in Niue is ready to be harvested sooner as it takes roughly 8-9 months for the Taro to fully develop.

  • Niue Taro is also hand-picked, processed and carefully graded without the assistance of machinery and that is why we emphasize why its the best quality.

Only Quality!

Fakalofa Lahi Atu

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What We Do?

About Us

Moui Produce is an e-commerce, export, import and Taro processing service that helps farmers in Niue, as well as consumers in New Zealand and Australia to supply and order Taro.

By directly linking Niue farmers to consumers, we are bringing quality to the table for consumers, and increasing the profitability of fair prices for both the producers and Moui Produce.

"We chose to name our brand “Moui Produce” because it expresses the cheerfulness and way of life for those who grow, eat, cook and share amazing taro in Niue."